when will my order ship?

luke & i (& anyone who might want to help us!) will package & ship your order within 3-5 business days. shipping times depend on your location. please refer to the “shipping info” tab for more information.


are likelylashes made out of animal fur?

no way, not ever. yuck. cruelty-free forever


can i use likelylashes if i have a latex allergy?

unfortunately, the small bit of glue on the inner & outer edge of the lash that holds it to the tray, contains a small amount of latex. it can be trimmed away, but i wouldn't risk it. i'm sorry :( 


why does the pressed pigment palette say "not intended for use in the immediate eye area"?

like all bright pressed pigments, they contain red 6 & red 7, which are not FDA approved for the immediate eye area in the united states. almost all bright pigment palettes, including ours, will have a note that states “not intended for use in immediate eye area”, so it’s up to you if you feel comfortable using them on the eyes! no irritation or reaction has been reported.


are the palettes cruelty-free & vegan as well? 

everything always


can i join your PR list?

send us an email at sales@likelymakeup.com with links to your socials. as a small brand, we have a very small list & can't afford to add many people, but we definitely want to check you out!