lash application

how to apply your lashes

1. curl your natural lashes

this will create a little shelf for your falsies to sit on. add mascara before you apply your false lashes so they stay fluffy & clean. 


2. cut the lashes to fit your eye

before you add your glue to the band, hold it on your lid & measure how much you should snip off. sometimes having the lash glued to close to the inner corner of your eye can make them uncomfortable, & potentially cause them to lift. if the lash style is longer at the outer corner (a cat eye shape like the "sleepy starlet" lashes) trim your lash at the longer end. this keeps the inner lash shorter & helps them to look more natural. 

tip: bend the lash back & forth in a C shape to soften the band & bend them to fit your eye shape. this will make them easier to apply & more comfortable.


3. add your adhesive

make sure to use a good quality adhesive! itslikelymakeup prefers the "red cherry" brand lash adhesive (until we create our own!) you only need a very small amount of glue. add a thin line of the adhesive to the entire band. before applying the lash, let the glue get tacky for 15-30 seconds (depending on the glue) 


4. put on your #likelylashes!

you can use your fingers, or if you're comfortable, & very careful, you can use tweezers. place the middle of the lash on the middle of your lid & when it is secure, pull the inner corner down to your lashline & then secure the outer edge of the lash to the outer corner of your lash line. 


helpful tips 

once the glue is nearly dry, using your thumb & index finger, or a lash application tool, squeeze the lash down to your natural lashes to close any gaps.

if you're still learning, apply black eyeliner before putting on your lashes. this way, you won't be able to see if they aren't right at your lash line!

if you aren't use to wearing a strip lash, & you find your lashes uncomfortable, try cutting them into sections, & then applying each section. having the band cut into individual pieces will make them feel more comfortable, but you should get used to them soon!

if you have a gap between your lash line & the false lash, you can use a small brush with a bit of black gel liner or black eyeshadow & carefully apply it in the gap. i often use a tiny bit of black eyeliner on the inner corner of my lash line if there is a gap where the lashes end. 


how to get the most out of your #likelylashes

if you take good care of your lashes, you can wear them 25 times +



be gentle with them. do not pull them off. gently peel off the lash starting at the outer corner, pulling the lash towards the inner corner. gently remove any left over adhesive from the band of your lash with tweezers. you can use a "lash cleanser" to remove any stubborn glue. do not get your lashes wet. use the cute box to store your lashes in! this will keep them extra safe.


can i put mascara on my #likelylashes?

you can, but to keep them fluffy & prestine, i would recommend applying your mascara to your natural lashes first, & then adding your false lash. once there is mascara on your strip lash, it is tricky to clean it off. 


does wearing #likelylashes damage my natural lashes?

if you make sure to use a good lash adhesive, & take them off gently, your lashes will be fine! i wear lashes a lot, & my natural lashes are still poppin'