lash care

how to get the most out of your #likelylashes

if you take good care of your lashes, you can wear them 25 times +



be gentle with them. do not pull them off. gently peel off the lash starting at the outer corner, pulling the lash towards the inner corner. gently remove any left over adhesive from the band of your lash with tweezers. you can use a "lash cleanser" to remove any stubborn glue. do not get your lashes wet. use the cute box to store your lashes in! this will keep them extra safe.


can i put mascara on my #likelylashes?

you can, but to keep them fluffy & prestine, i would recommend applying your mascara to your natural lashes first, & then adding your false lash. once there is mascara on your strip lash, it is tricky to clean it off. 


does wearing #likelylashes damage my natural lashes?

if you make sure to use a good lash adhesive, & take them off gently, your lashes will be fine! i wear lashes a lot, & my natural lashes are still poppin'